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  • 企業文化

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    As a leading supplier of coating products and application solutions in China, FORTRESS is always seeking every potential and possibility. We are specialized in interior and exterior paints, water-based wood coatings, furniture coatings, industrial coatings and coatings for special purposes etc. In 15 years, we not only offer extensive high quality products, but also integrate all kinds of resources to build up hi-tech R&D centers and large-scale production bases. We devote to supply comprehensive solutions, considerate services, competitive price and biggest value to our clients. Your satisfaction is our priority.


    愿景使命    Our Vision

    讓世界更美麗! Make the world more wonderful!


    企業宗旨  Our Commitment


    To be healthy men; to develop a healthy enterprise; to produce healthy products; to contribute to a healthy society.


    核心價值    Our Value

    文化、體育、公益。Culture, Sports, Public welfare.


    公司戰略  Business Strategy


    To make ongoing progress in synergism, efficiency and profession, our group develops gradually and now owns companies including Guangdong Fortress Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Fortress Chemical Co., Ltd, Guangdong Calsom Chemical Co., Ltd, Jiangmen Fortress Engineering Co., Ltd and Jiangmen Fortress Soccer Club Co., Ltd.